2023 Annual Meeting

The GE Realty Plot Association Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 12th @ 7pm at the Unitarian Church at 1221 Wendell Avenue. Light refreshments will be served. Remember to bring a check or cash for your 2024 dues. Make check out for $25.00 payable to RPA.


There are four open Director positions on the Board. One of them is an open vacancy and will be filled for a 2-year term. The other three positions are for 3-year terms. Two current Board members have expressed interest in serving for another term. Board members are voted on by our members at the meeting. To vote, you must be a property owner and a dues paying mem- ber. If you are interested in serv- ing on the Board, please send an email to: gerealtyplot@gmail. com indicating why you would be a good candidate. At the meeting, the Board will vote by ballot for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer according to our bylaws (see by-laws on our website).